Going Bright for the Bridesmaids Cards

April 20, 2009

My knees are killing me after a few hours of kneeling on the carpet working on friend’s bridesmaids thank you cards on my coffee table. Trust me, if I had more space to work more comfortably, I would. But at the moment the coffee table provides the largest work area. So I deal. My knees, unfortunately, aren’t too happy about it.

ANYWAYS, I seriously spent at least an hour staring at a stack of colored cardstock and some stamps trying to figure out a good design for bridesmaids thank yous. I had the colors picked out: bright pink, tealish blue, and black. I had the stamps I needed: one with a quote from Eleanor Roosevelt, and the other a shoe shape. All I had to do was figure out a nice layout that was cute but attractive. The fact that it took me an hour just goes to show that I was not in uber-creative mode right now. But I pressed on, and I came up with a couple of designs that I HOPE friend likes. They’re a bit bright, but they’re certainly girly and cheerful!

Round One

Round One

Ok, so that was my first go. I was uber happy with the design. But then I was looking at it, and I decided that the eyelets made it look too rocker-chick-ish. I mean, it doesn’t really need to look bridal. But rocker chick wouldn’t work either. Which bummed me out because I was excited to incorporate more embellishments. Oh well…I moved on…

Round Two

Round Two

I pick this one! It’s got the same feel, but sans the rocker aspect. Now it’s just cute! Well, I think so anyways. We’ll have to see what friend thinks about it. Either way, it’s a great card, even just for saying hi to a friend. If friend doesn’t like it, I’ll still keep the design for a future Etsy shop or something…haha.

Well, all I have to say is, I’m done for the night! Seriously, these things take me longer than they really should sometimes. I’m lacking inspiration I suppose. Gotta fix that soon!

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